Types of Losses

Fire damage to your property which also includes smoke and ash. Your property may also sustain toxic smoke by a simple protein burn from food.


The sudden discharge of water from any area of a property’s plumbing system or appliance which includes but is not limited to the refrigerator, water heater, washing machine, connection hoses, simple pinholes or sewer back-up.

Rain can cause significant water damage to a property and the valuables inside the property. Rain water can find its way into the property via windows, roofs, and other small openings and cause significant damage. These damages might be covered in your policy.
Wind can severely damage the exterior of your property. Excessive winds can also cause trees or other large objects to fall on your property which can result in significant monetary loss.
Any type of accidental damage that you might encounter may be covered in your plan. Whether you drop a laptop on a piece of tile resulting in that tile to break or having something damaged while trying to fix another part of your property, your plan might include accidental coverage. Additionally, damages caused by children to your property may also be covered by your insurance policy.
Any damage that your property sustains that is the direct result of a vandal or a person with malicious intent. This includes but is not limited to, the breaking of windows, graffiti, and other types of property damage.
Any property that is stolen that is covered by your insurance plan. Also, if during the theft process any additional property is damage that can also be covered. If your policy does not cover content, you may still be covered for damages to your real property.
If you have earthquake damage under your insurance plan any damage incurred as the result of an earthquake is covered. Your standard homeowner’s policy will not cover damages from earthquake and separate earthquake coverage can be purchased.
The collapse of a structure due to an unseen condition such as insect damage, decay, or the weight of equipment.
Business Interruption
If you own a business any damage that is causing you to suffer losses can be covered. Many businesses also have separate coverage that covers any additional losses due to the expenses of trying to keep your business open and functional after receiving the initial damage. Any and all business can benefit from having one of our public adjusters review the claim to make sure all the losses have been included.