About us
About Public Assist

Public Assist is a public adjusting company whose foundation and mission is to assist the victims of unfortunate incidents by handling all relations with insurance companies to ensure that you the customer receive full proper financial compensation. Our team of experts which include: attorneys, engineers, building inspectors, and specialists in construction and water restoration, work directly with you from the beginning of the claim to the subsequent payout, toensure that you receive what you are lawfully entitled to. At Public Assist no claim is too big or too small. We are a team of highly motivated professionals that carry out the claim process while maintaining the utmost amount of professionalism and integrity.

Here at Public Assist we have never received a claim that we did not increase the payout. We also hold our customer relationships in a very high regard. We want you to be comfortable knowing that we are going to take care of the claim process because we know how hard you have worked for what you have and how distressing it can be to suffer a loss. Though some claims might take a significant amount of time the intimate relationship that we foster at Public Assist will not falter. We will be right there with you throughout the entire process.

Having all the resources and knowledge, Public Assist will not rely on your insurance company’s adjuster’s estimate while other public adjusters and attorneys will. We will meet your insurance adjusters, their contactor or any specialists they may sent during the presentation of your claim.